What Are Retail Assets?

From small retail stores to multi-million dollar malls, no matter what size or how much they make, these retail outlets are all known as retail assets. Since the range between these assets is large, we can divide them into four different categories:

  1. National shopping centers (malls)- these are enclosed areas of retail spaces that include various types of entertainment as well as restaurants.
  2. Outlet malls- where factory outlet stores sell their products at discounted rate.
  3. Power centers- these are areas occupied by one or more major retail tenants and several other smaller tenants. An example of this would be a Grocery Store, Homedepot, Target or Kohl’s surrounded by smaller tenants in surrounding buildings such as Verizon, restaurants, and many other smaller tenants.
  4. Neighborhood centers- these are retail stores that are not a part of any other retail stores. They are not in an enclosed area but rather on their own.

The SMARTCAP Group, LLC focuses on all retail asset classes but we find the most value in the Power Centers and Neighborhood centers.

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