SMARTCAP operates in one of the top real estate markets in the world. We’ve completed over $235 million in total transactions. We minimize investment risk by acquiring assets at value-add pricing. We maintain low debt to equity ratios, high operating buffers and ensure that our property assets are strategically located for long-term growth and appreciation. Our track record for our entire portfolio is over 23% IRR paid to investors, net of fees and expenses.

We believe in creating value for our investors. We’ve developed proprietary software tools for our investors. Using our software expertise, we have developed proprietary tools that help us analyze assets with a focus on finding the value in each investment. With our tools and processes, we build sophisticated and accurate financial models for each asset; this data-driven approach allows us to find and build value faster than our competitors. Our investors also like the ease of our online portal. Tracking investment performance, viewing distributions, and reviewing quarterly updates, including financial statements, is easy. And at tax time, the portal provides access to all tax documents in one place.


SMARTCAP Value fund 3

SMARTCAP VALUE FUND 3 is designed to provide investors more diversification, have reduced risk and consistent returns.  Investors in Value Fund 3 share in the profits generated by institutional joint ventures. The fund acquires, owns and operates industrial real estate in the fast growing Seattle, Washington coastal market.  The fund operates with a conservative capital structure and focuses on flexible properties in strategic locations. SMARTCAP as the manager is aligned with our shareholders.

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our portfolio

Take advantage of how SMARTCAP is using our proprietary strategy to change direct commercial real estate in office/warehouse investments. We focus on value-add properties and take advantage of trending market opportunities.


Driving superior returns and building long-term relationships with investors by providing consistent, transparent and high-quality commercial real estate investments.